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What We Offer

Image by Zachary Nelson

Clients who seek us out are looking for an innovative approach to sustaining a culture of belonging and inclusivity.


Our clients tell us that Generative Consulting is a different kind of consulting! One even remarked that our consulting is “therapy, except for organizations”. Our consulting expertise is human behavior. 


We work with teams, schools, organizations, associations, and communities to guide them to reconnect to individual and shared care and commitment. When care and commitment are aligned, value increases & satisfaction exists.

Leaders who choose us are committed to or open to expanding their influence.  We work with people who are wiling to take a stand for the vision they hold through the actions they take. 


Those who work with us have chosen commitment over convenience.  Learning to build more effective teams, creating alignment, improving customer delivery all require different conversations and invite pushback to change.  This is the nervous system at play! 


The nervous system is wired for safety and will be in discomfort when new practices are in motion. When discomfort happens, it can be more convenient to revert back to what has been embedded through years of practice.  We work with leaders and their teams to create intentional and purposeful practices.

Our Generative Consulting Team works with aspiring coaches and consultants to support you in making offers of value to your prospects, clients or to others in your organization. 


You may have the capacity & structure to engage on your own, but could use some guidance on making that bigger or more valuable offer. There’s several creative ways we can co-design together, including a payment structure for this service. One way is a small retainer with a success fee. Another is, after you get your offer accepted, pay us 10%, Our objective is helping you help us bring generative leadership to the world. Reach out to us to learn how by scheduling some time with us here.

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