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Development for Aspiring Consultants

Consulting Development 

Our heart is community. Andrea and Fernando co-created Generative Consulting as an offer in the world because Generative skills change lives. 


We recognize that understanding leadership concepts is important, and we also recognize that having a place to practice and apply what has been learned is necessary for Generative embodiment.

Need a place to flex consulting muscle? We've got you.  

Help Desk

You can reach out to us. Just mention "help desk" in the subject section.  Let us know what help you are requesting and we will set up a time to discuss and co-design with you.

A Commitment to You

People who choose this option have a coaching or consulting practice and seek to work with teams and entire organizations.  Have an offer you know would be of value and that includes your client's team or business partner? Reach out to bring us in and work alongside you.  You may opt for us to work under your brand.  This is our commitment to working with those in action to build their generative embodiment. Curious? Reach out here and let's see if this makes sense for you.


Perhaps you have years of experience leading as a solopreneur and seek to work in partnership.  People who co-brand with us desire to keep to their brand and are looking to increase their delivery team with embodied generative practitioners.  Reach out here or here to explore together.

Not Sure?

If you are curious about working together, and are not quite sure where your idea or request fits, refer to "Help Desk" above and we can explore together.

Support Group Session
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