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Consulting and Coaching

What Our Clients Are Working On:

Our Generative Consulting Team knows equity and representation matters. This happens through conversations. Each conversation can increase trust, or break it. We are committed to bringing conversations that matter to people so that teams can learn how to create meaningful outcomes through healthy cultures. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

We help clients build and sustain a culture of belonging. Our clients know this happens when employees, external clients and other stakeholders provide feedback about the level of engagement and care that is operationalized.

We work with leadership teams to translate vision into small, successful, steps for sustainable shifts in equity and inclusivity.   

Cultural Change

We offer clients a way to effectively assess and diagnose team trust and employee engagement.

Our Generative diagnostic approach provides a measurement of cultural health. Based on the diagnostic results, we co-design skill-building practices that create cohesion and optimal performance to meet the goals our clients' organizations have declared.

Organizational Design & Redesign

Clients who are reorganizing and redesigning are committed to taking the best of the best of their culture and replicating high quality throughout the organization.  The approach we take most often is revisiting roles, responsibilities and interdepartmental coordination so that we can create a path to optimize what is working well. 


We work with several teams to create, build, and sustain healthy internal systems so that continuous improvement and innovation are operationalized.  Clients have reported that this approach creates relevance for all stakeholders

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