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Our Story

How We Came To Be

Generative Consulting came to be when Andrea Bordenca, former Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) US CEO and IGL alumna asked Fernando Rey, Consultant, Generative Practitioner, and IGL alumnus to partner up together.


A thank you to Maribell Gonzalez, IGL Latin America CEO, who introduced Fernando & Andrea to assist with an organization Andrea leads: DESCO Service. In 2019, Andrea sought an IGL Consultant to facilitate strategy conversations with her leadership team. Within 3 months, DESCO was able to reduce team meetings by 20%, create a sustainable growth plan after shifting roles, and reduce waste with onboarding new employees. 


Having an outside Generative Consultant offered deeper embodiment to Andrea who had been practicing and applying the Generative approach to DESCO for 20 years.  Fernando continues to work DESCO with several DESCO teams and has played an integral role in revenue growth, gross profit improvement and ongoing efficiency measures all by operationalizing generative practices throughout DESCO.  


Andrea was amazed by the turnaround in a short amount of time in partnership with Fernando.  Andrea and Fernando have grown our consulting team with members of the IGL Community and view Generative Consulting as a place for IGL Community Members to grow with us.  If you are an IGL Community Member, click here to learn how we can play together.

Stay tuned to learn more about our Generative Consulting team. 

We would like to thank Bob Dunham for creating the Generative Discourse, which provides a structure for commitment-based results.  Everything we do is repeatable, actionable, and results-oriented and is connected to care so we can live a good life and have healthy organizations.

This is what we are committed to bringing to our community and the clients we serve.

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