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Who We Are

Because Your Team Matters:

Generative Consulting brings a deeper connection to heart and humanity to teams by providing a structure to having meaningful conversations. 


We are Generative practitioners who accompany teams through the discomfort of change. The structure we introduce to teams includes all dimensions of the human being: body, mind, and heart, the entirety of the nervous system. 

We provide a structure to having meaningful conversations authentically connected to purpose and meaning. The structure we introduce to teams includes all dimensions of the human being: body, mind, and heart.  

The Body:


When we are learning to build a team and make new offers, there is a structure to having the conversations that includes the human body.  Two common barriers to achieving external results are:


1. The challenge of saying “no”


2. Difficulty asking for help


Both tend to lead to over-commitment, overwhelm, burnout, and produce resignation and resentment in organizations. This leads to high turnover, thousands of hours of waste. 


It is appropriate to say “no” when “no” produces more satisfaction than a “yes”. This happens when we can ground our commitments and are honest about our capacity.   This is something we have taken forward from the teachings of Bob Dunham.


The nervous system is wired for safety and will be in discomfort when we begin new practices. When discomfort happens, it can be more convenient to revert back to what has been embedded through years of practice.  


When there are years of practice of being taught not to say “no” because of cultural conditioning, it feels more comfortable and convenient in the moment to say “yes” even when we  know we should or when we want to say “no”.  Many of us are proud of our years of being skillful at being independent, self-reliant, and self-sufficient. Yet, asking for help is the very skill needed to build teams, and to empower others.  In our body, asking for help can feel like weakness.


The Mind:


Awareness creates choice. In order to take responsibility to engage in the conversations that build teams and empower others, we need to first understand and think through our default future if we continue doing what we are doing vs the generative future which is achieving the outcomes that bring a higher sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.


Many can do a lot, and many have learned that working hard is the key to success.  Yet, in truth, working hard more often leads to exhaustion and sacrifice.  Our intervention provides a new context to getting to meaningful outcomes that includes time for rest, renewal, and service, and it begins with how we think about work and results.


The Heart:


Having a generative culture is about humanity, relationships, and a good life.  Work doesn’t have to be just to pay the bills. We aspire to bring heart to how we work so work is a part of life that has an active and healthy pulse, rather than a burden that drains us. 


Andrea Head Shot.jpg

Body, Mind and Heart:


Our approach integrates Body, Mind, and Heart so that new conversations, new embodiment, and new outcomes are achieved.  All of our engagements have observable and actionable practices that reorganize body, mind, and heart so that the results achieved are results that matter. 


Generative Consulting is embodiment. The quality of our leadership presence, a combination of body, heart, and mind is a result of the practices we engage in. 

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